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Ann Arbor Rug Cleaning Services

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Ann Arbor Rug Cleaning Services

Michigan Rug Cleaning extends a warm greeting to you.

Estimates for Carpet Cleaning: At Michigan Rug Cleaning, we understand that no one like being surprised when it comes to paying a fee. Prior to any work commencing, we can give you an accurate pricing estimate over the phone. We aim to be your long-term professional carpet cleaning business.

Shampoos/Products/Supplies for Carpet Cleaning:
In your home or workplace, we employ high-quality carpet washes, solutions, and stain treatment in Ann Arbor. Our products are safe for kids, pets, and the environment, yet they’re also robust enough to take on even the toughest stains


Michigan Rug Cleaning is a full-service cleaning company that caters to both residential and commercial clients. We are the go-to company for complete carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, stone and tile tile and grout cleaning, area and oriental rug cleaning, water extraction, and more!

Call us today to set up a time for a Michigan Rug Cleaning professional to come out to your home in Ann Arbor or surrounding areas. We’d be delighted to talk with you about different cleaning alternatives and answer any questions you may have!

For Fine Textiles, We Have The Best Solution

Oriental and area rugs are more than just works of art. They’re also excellent investments. That’s why we clean them with such meticulous care and precision. We adapt the cleaning method for each rug’s demands by utilizing the essential ingredients of air and water.

That’s why we make sure that only our certified, trained area rug professionals treat your rugs in our one-of-a-kind facility, utilizing a procedure that combines Old World artistry, new technology, and strong yet delicate cleaning solutions. It’s really gentle on your prized linens!

In Ann Arbor we deliver a comprehensive and effective, yet delicate, cleaning method for oriental rugs using proprietary techniques and equipment created exclusively for the cleaning of oriental carpets. Depending on the fibers, colors, stains, and structure of the rug, we’ll use a variety of different cleaning processes.

For Fine Textiles, We Have An Expert Solution

Accidents do happen on our excellent area rugs, such as water damage from a burst pipe, our beloved dogs have accidents, or you just want to protect your rug fibers from undesirable bacteria and germs.

When an area rug is subjected to excessively high levels of soiling, it is typically discarded. Because the cost of restoration is always higher than the cost of replacement, this is the case. Efforts to completely clean and deodorize an area rug with outstanding emotional or intrinsic value, on the other hand, may be valuable.

When you have a stain on your area rug or carpet, you want to get rid of it right away. Embarrassing spots and discoloration, which are common in carpets, are difficult to remove.

Many families consider their dogs to be an integral part of their family. We don’t usually get rid of them when they have “accidents,” just like we don’t get rid of other family members. While pets may and do give a number of benefits in the home, their “accidents” can often pose a problem.

Safeguard Your Investment

They do, after all, say a lot about you. Your area rugs are an important element of your interior environment, and the color, style, condition, and cleanliness of your rugs reflect on you as a person. Allow Michigan Rug Cleaning area rug protectants to help you keep your rugs looking their best.

The Best Way To Take Care Of Your Area Rug Is To Hire An Ann Arbor Professional

When moths and carpet beetles are discovered in wool rugs, they are a big source of concern. When the moth is in the larval stage, the damage is done. The larvae eat protein (wool, silk, animal hair) and lay eggs in the rug, continuing the cycle. We have a substance that acts as a deterrent to them by making the rug taste sour to them. Before keeping carpets, this procedure is critical.

Our Comprehensive But Not Exclusive List of Cleaning & Restoration Services Includes:

– Carpet Cleaning
– Rug Cleaning
– Upholstery Cleaning (including Leather)
– Tile & Grout Cleaning
– Mattress Cleaning
– Air Duct Cleaning
– Stain Removal including Pet Stains
– Carpet Deodorizing & Protection
– Full Room Carpet Dyeing
– Water / Flood Damage Restoration
– VCT Strip & Wax
– Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Refinishing
– Pressure/ Power Washing

Not Ready to Make the Jump?
DIY: Tips for Effective Carpet Cleaning

A professional carpet cleaner uses a sweeping brush to clean a soiled carpet, leaving it pure and white.
As a homeowner, carpet cleaning is one of the most difficult tasks you’ll ever face. Bright hues and luxurious fibers give attractiveness to a place, but they’re also dust and filth magnets. As a result, regular deep cleaning is required to keep your carpets appearing new and fresh.

This post will provide you some general advice on how to care after your carpets at home.

How Often Do I Need to Vacuum?
Regular vacuuming is one approach to minimize dirt buildup to a bare minimum. Vacuuming should be done at least twice a month, preferably once a week. If the kids, dogs, or you are really busy, give your flooring an additional vacuuming.

Vacuuming’s Boundaries
Vacuuming, on the other hand, is no alternative for a comprehensive carpet cleaning. However, you should be aware that because there are so many various types of carpets and carpet fibers, the job cannot be approached carelessly. Because doing so could cause harm to your carpet, which would necessitate an expensive replacement work.

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets at Home?
Residential carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once a year, but waiting more than a year and a half is unacceptable. If you have vividly colored carpets, or if your carpets are heavily trafficked by children or damaged by the family pet, a complete household carpet cleaning may be required more frequently, such as 2-3 times a year.

Carpet Cleaning with Water Extraction
There are various carpet cleaning procedures to choose from; which one you choose is a personal preference. The water-extraction approach appears to be the preferred domestic carpet cleaning method for most homeowners for optimum results. This method entails utilizing a machine to blast dirt out with a solution of water and cleaning solution. The solution is then vacuumed away, along with all of the filth that has built in your carpet over time.

Getting Rid of Stains
In certain circumstances, a tiny section of your carpet may have been subjected to more damage than the rest of the carpet. When this happens, you’ll need to take other steps to get the stain out of your carpet. Using a concentrated cleaning solution and applying it directly to the stain is one such strategy that has proven to be quite efficient in stain removal. However, before attempting this stain removal method, be sure that the fibers of your carpet can survive the concentrated cleaning solution.

Keep Your Home Fresh by Partnering with a Quality Carpet Cleaning Service
Most carpet producers, fortunately, include cleaning instructions with their product. To avoid damage to your carpets, make sure to follow these recommendations. Ann Arbor Rug Cleaning Services, a reputable carpet and upholstery cleaning service, can help you keep your carpets clean. Call today to schedule an appointment with our staff.

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