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Hardwood Floor Cleaning Michigan

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Hardwood Floor Cleaning Michigan

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Michigan

Service You Can Trust! Michigan Rug Cleaners now offers a Wood Floor Cleaning Service that will extend the life of your wood floors while also leaving them clean and glossy. Our commercial-grade cleaners for wood floors remove filth, dust, oil, and other impurities that can degrade wood floors and lead to costly repairs.

The Wood Floor Service from us does significantly more than a standard home floor cleaning. Unlike most other techniques and products, we don’t just clean the wood floor surface. Instead, we extract concealed debris from deep inside the boards, dry and hand clean the floor’s surface, and finish with a gleaming top coat.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning for Commercial and Residential Use
Hardwood floors are lovely, but they are also prone to a lot of wear and tear. Heavy traffic, especially in a corporate setting, wears down the wood surface, leaving it dull and damaged. Not only do you want to improve your public image, but you also want to protect what may be a significant financial investment. Fortunately our wood floor cleaning service offers a variety of options. It’s simply a matter of deciding which choice best meets your requirements. Keep in mind that even the most damaged flooring can be repaired.

A Through Cleaning
When your hardwood floors become dull and uninviting as a result of daily business, it’s time to call the top commercial hardwood floor cleaning services in Michigan. Even the hidden dirt and grime that lies in the crevices of your hardwood floors is extracted by our deep cleaning method. Your cleaning company can mop it, but it usually just spreads the dirt and dust. The Michigan wood floor service eliminates even the toughest grime and residue from your floors in a safe and efficient manner.

Our commercial-grade proprietary cleaning products and cutting-edge technology remove filth from your floors, leaving them clean, professional, and appealing.
Natural Beauty Restored
Removal of Debris
Large dirt and debris are removed.
Prepares the floor for the state-of-the-art wood floor cleaning equipment used by NYC Steam Cleaning.

Wood Floor Care & Intensive Floor Treatment from Michigan aggressively targets difficult filth.
The cylindrical action of the wood floor cleaning equipment we use agitates and loosens entrenched filth and residue.

Our sophisticated equipment uses squeegees to extract the cleaning solution and leave your floor dry.

The carefully experienced specialists at Detailed Hand Cleaning MI Hardwood Floor Cleaning will clean edges and difficult-to-reach spots by hand.

A microfiber cloth collects any leftover dirt and debris on the surface.

The state-of-the-art cleaning equipment used by MI Hardwood Floor Cleaning takes up any remaining debris or residue.

Application of the Top Coat
No sanding is required to leave wood floors immaculate and residue-free.
The service isn’t available for every type of wood floor. For more information, please contact us.

What is the best way to clean hardwood floors?
Our cleaning procedure reaches the obstinate debris that resides deep inside the pores of your hardwood that regular mopping misses. An initial vacuuming of the regions to remove any loose dirt and debris, an auto cleaning with an alkaline cleaner, and then another auto scrubbing with a neutral cleaner to restore the floor’s original sheen are all part of this process. The edges of the stairs, as well as the edges of the edges, are washed by hand.

Is there any kind of sealant you can use to protect the floor once it’s been cleaned?
Yes, we have two sealant options: Clean and Maintenance Coat.
Cleaning and upkeep Use a mix of our deep cleaning and our hardwood floor refinisher to coat your hardwood floors. Our cleaning procedure removes dirt and debris first, then we apply our Maintenance Coat solution to your floors. Our quick-drying Maintenance Coat will give your flooring a consistent gloss. Refinish your floor with our Maintenance Coat method when cleaning isn’t enough.

Clean and apply a coat of polyurethane
Our Poly Coat technology cleans and protects your floor. Your floors will be protected by our long-lasting, quick-drying Poly Coat. Following our deep cleaning, we will apply an even layer of our Poly Coat solution to your floor, establishing a barrier against water and chemical damage. It will leave your hardwood floor with a constant sheen in addition to helping it resist scratches and scuffing.

Protect and maintain the appearance of your floor for a longer period of time. Call us today!

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