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Flokati Rug Cleaning Services in Michigan

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Flokati Rug Cleaning Services in Michigan

Flokati Rug Cleaning Services in Michigan
Flokati area rugs have a fascinating history as well as an undeniable appeal. These carpets date back to roughly 4000 A.D. in Greece, and their original function was to keep shepherds from the Samarina region warm during the long and cold winter months. Later, the Greeks discovered an even more effective method of producing these rugs by chance. Even while modern-day manufacturers can skillfully duplicate weaved textiles using synthetic materials and man-made technologies in industrial settings, the practice survives in some hilly sections of this beautiful country.

Flokati Carpets Are Excellent Choices For Any Home
These soft, fluffy, off-white or attractively colored and designed area rugs go well with a variety of home decor styles. Flokati area rugs are a continual presence in people’s homes due to their distinct individuality. People rapidly grew fond of them, despite the fact that they just began to gain popularity in the United States of America during the 1970s as part of the cultural revolution. These rugs, as well as other distinctive varieties of Oriental, Persian, Turkish, modern day, wool, silk, or cotton carpets, are expertly cleaned and maintained by the Flokati Rug Cleaning Services crew.

These area rugs’ incredible versatility allows them to be utilized for a multitude of functions, including carpets, blankets, clothing, and sleeping requirements. They’re also flame and stain resistant, making them ideal for use in homes with a lot of foot traffic, small children, or pets.

If you need assistance removing old and tenacious stains or traces of deeply buried dirt from the fibers of your Flokati rug, please give us a call and set up an appointment at a time and day that is convenient for you. We can quickly remove unpleasant spots, such as pet waste stains, and restore the fluff in your favorite rugs.

Flokati Area Rugs Come in a Variety of Styles
Handmade Flokati area rugs are handcrafted in Greece, where a cold water river is still used to help the wool develop and become fluffy and silky. The off-white tone of the Greek Flokati rugs is stunning.

Flokati area rugs are available in a wide range of vibrant colors, patterns, and designs in today’s market. Real wool Flokati area rugs can be easily imitated with synthetic wool Flokati carpets.

We Provide Expert Flokati Carpet Cleaning Services
To ensure that your Flokati rugs stay fluffy, soft, and visually appealing for a long time, we strongly encourage you to avoid having them washed at home, especially if there are old stains. Pet mishaps may ruin any carpet, and despite the rugs’ stain-resistant qualities, it’s extremely possible that homeowners with active pets will have to deal with pet urine and feces stains on white, pink, or beige Flokati rugs.

On modern or Oriental carpets, regular vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaning products may do more harm than good. It is advisable to employ skilled, insured, and IICRC-certified cleaning services like ours to avoid any harm to your prized carpets. The Flokati Rug Cleaning Services crew specializes in a wide range of cleaning services for the most delicate and difficult-to-clean carpet kinds, including Flokati. For the greatest results, we exclusively use professional vacuum cleaners, pressurized air cleaning techniques, and steam cleaning. We can help you save time, energy, and money by repairing or replacing damaged rugs.

Carpet Inspection Flokati
Our trained specialists will inspect your rugs and identify the best course of action for completely removing any dirt, debris, dust, stains, and germs entrenched in the carpet fibers. Rugs that have been stored beneath furniture for an extended period of time, as well as area rugs in vacation homes or rugs that have not been vacuumed at least twice or three times a week, are more likely to be damaged over time. Moths can harm natural wool and cotton Flokati rugs if they are not cleaned and kept properly.

Cleaning Procedures
Professional brushing techniques can be used to begin cleaning, which will be followed by vacuuming using industrial vacuum cleaners. To avoid tangles and damage to the fibers, only the suction option will be employed. Our professionals will then proceed to remove any remaining filth and dust using light cleaning products. To avoid further damage, only a small amount of water will be utilized. Drying will be done in state-of-the-art dedicated drying facilities using skilled equipment.
The pressurized air flow approach is another potential cleaning option for Flokati rugs. With the help of an effective shake, all visible traces of dirt and bacteria will be eradicated. Then, using high air pressure, our Flokati Rug Cleaning Services will remove any particles that escaped the prior technique.

Area rugs made of Flokati can also be machine washed, especially if they are tiny. The carpet will be washed with mild, eco-friendly carpet cleaning detergents that are free of bleaching agents and other dangerous chemicals.

Give us a call to schedule an inspection or a pickup time and date for your Flokati area rugs and let us restore them to their former splendor, fluff, and softness at some of the industry’s most competitive pricing.

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