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Cleaning Services For Antique Rugs In Michigan

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Cleaning Services For Antique Rugs In Michigan

Cleaning Services For Antique Rugs In Michigan

Antique Rug Cleaning Services In MI

In terms of décor, antique rugs are among the most valuable sorts of house investments. Their beauty and distinctive charm stem from the fact that they are typically handcrafted, dating back centuries, and are part of a family heirloom, meaning they have been passed down from generation to generation and are impossible to replicate. To ensure that such a rug lasts as long as possible, only professional antique rug cleaning services MI should be used. You’ll need a business with a lot of experience in the sector that understands how priceless these works of art are and can help you keep them clean, glossy, and bright again.

An ancient area rug will almost always need to be hand-washed with water and soap. Some rugs, on the other hand, are not colorfast, meaning their dyes will begin to bleed once they are wet during the washing process. This is why, at the conclusion of our evaluation, we will determine the best unique course of action for each rug that comes to us. An antique rug will almost always be completely destroyed by steam cleaning with contemporary machines. This is why it is critical to only engage professional antique rug cleaners in MI who can use the proper cleaning products and processes to ensure a damage-free cleaning process.

Cleaning Services for Antique Rugs We provide rug cleaning services that include hand-washing for delicate fibers and colors, professional steam cleaning with commercial-grade hot water extractors, and spill and stain treatment using non-toxic solutions.

Services for Spill and Stain Removal
If you have an old rug composed of lanolin-rich wool, it will be better protected against spills. Blotting a fresh spill on such a carpet before it stains is an easy way to deal with it. Blot with a clean, slightly moist cloth, starting at the edges and working your way to the center.

If you’re dealing with a tenacious stain that’s proving difficult to remove, you might use your regular hair shampoo, as hair and wool rugs share a protein. Keep in mind, however, that you should never use harsh chemicals on antique area rugs. If you have red wine or food stains on your antique rug that need to be removed, we strongly advise you to contact your expert antique rug cleaners MI and let us handle the situation.

While homemade cleaning methods may work well on minor spills, there is a significant risk of causing additional – and sometimes irreversible – harm to your rug. Improper cleaning, for example, nearly invariably results in the spill and stain becoming lodged in the fibers. Your carpet will be harmed if you use vinegar on it.

It’s also possible that failing to properly dry a freshly cleaned antique rug may cause the foundation to decay. Why risk discoloring your prized carpeting when you can just phone us and we’ll take care of it? We work quickly, efficiently, and affordably, and we promise your complete pleasure on every task. We only use the industry’s safest and most dependable eco-friendly stain removers. Our specialists are all IICRC-certified, which means they adhere to the highest labor standards to ensure a quality job every time.

Cleaning an Antique Area Rug
Working with professional cleaners with a lot of established expertise in the sector is always recommended for a job well done. Contact us if your rug has recently been flooded by accident or if something has been spilled on it and you are unable to remove the stains yourself. Using commercial-grade vacuuming, we can remove all dust mites, germs, allergies, and other signs of hazardous microorganisms from the fibers of your carpet that are not apparent to the naked eye.

We will occasionally utilize non-electric sweepers to ensure no damage is done, especially when dealing with low pile rugs. We’ll then apply the most appropriate cleaning process for your rugs, whether it’s gentle hand-washing or another form of specialist cleaning in a controlled environment. The drying process is also necessary for keeping your area rugs in perfect condition.

Cleaning Services for Antique Area Rugs
Because of the sensitive nature of the fibers, a rug composed of lanolin-rich fibers is more prone to damage when incorrect cleaning and maintenance is performed on it. A carpet like this might quickly lose its natural protective layer. This means you should strive to avoid moth-proofing a rug like this. It’s also recommended to avoid dry cleaning and steam cleaning.
It is recommended that you get your antique rugs cleaned by experienced antique rug cleaners MI once every few years to ensure that they last as long as possible.

Prices for cleaning antique rugs that are affordable
We provide phone estimates and guarantee that you will get the most competitive, affordable, and transparent price in the industry. Thanks to our mobile crews stationed around the Michigan area, we can offer reasonable antique area rug pricing.

Make an appointment with us right now and let us show you why we are the best antique rug cleaners in MI!

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