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Macomb Rug Cleaning Services

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Macomb Rug Cleaning Services

Macomb Rug Cleaning Services

Rug Cleaning for Oriental, Specialty, and Area Rugs

Not all area rugs are created equal. They have distinct qualities that define how they should be cleaned—no one size fits all!

Each rug is treated individually Macomb Rug Cleaning Services and our cleaning procedures are tailored to each rug. To extend the life and structural integrity of textiles, tapestries, and wall hangings, they require meticulous hand-cleaning and care.

Cleaning a hand-woven rug is a multi-step method Macomb Rug Cleaning Services maximizes efficiency and effectiveness without harming colours or weaves:

Inspection before to cleaning to evaluate pre-existing problems, fiber content, colorfastness, cleaning issues, and cleaning procedures.

Dusting with compressed air removes 10 times the amount of dry soil that vacuuming removes.

Our comprehensive immersion washing method cleans both the front and back of the rug and is designed to remove the majority of soils.

Detergent residue, which causes re-soiling and fiber damage, is removed by rinsing thoroughly.

Grooming restores the original direction of the pile and combs the fringe.

In our heated dry room, the rugs dry overnight.

The rug is inspected after cleaning to see if it is complete or if it requires more attention.

Rug Repair for Oriental, Specialty, and Area Rugs

Rugs, from magnificent hand-knotted Orientals to machine-made synthetics, may require repair or restoration over time. Our highly skilled employees are educated in all aspects of rug repair and restoration, including fringe, blocking to fix irregular shapes, and much more. Before we undertake any repairs, we consult with customers to determine the extent and cost of repairs that are required, ensuring that the cost is within budget and appropriate for the rug’s worth.

Macomb Rug Cleaning Services provides expert area rug repairs.

Oriental rug repair is an art that needs a great deal of expertise and ability. We recognize three basic types and ways to repair and restoration at Macomb Rug Cleaning Services:

Restoration entails bringing the rug back to its original state as closely as possible. By definition, this necessitates the use of the same dyes and fibers as the original, but most restorations are a compromise because some elements of the original are impossible to duplicate. This degree of service is provided when the rug’s worth and rarity justify the cost.
Conservation entails protecting a thing from further deterioration while retaining its current state as much as feasible.

Repair – For carpets that have been sent in for cleaning, area rug repair is a compromise between conservation and restoration. The rug can be repaired so that it can be used again. Patching, size reduction, new fringe, and a variety of additional choices are all possible rug repairs.

Pads for Rugs

Oriental Rug Cleaning Co. has seen it all when it comes to area rug padding. To satisfy the needs of various carpets and floor surfaces, we provide a variety of outstanding padding solutions.

Why Do You Need Rug Pads?
Reduce the risk of slipping.

Increase the rug’s life expectancy and make it feel more luxurious underfoot
Floor irregularities should be smoothed out, and noise should be absorbed.
Urine Decontamination & Deodorization

Deodorization Service for Oriental Rugs
Pet scents created by urine and other causes are easily removed with our rug cleaning technique. We soak the rug in an enzyme solution to break down the odor-causing urine salts, then wash it thoroughly from front to back. The rug is carefully cleaned and thoroughly deodorized using our specially developed detergent. Our staff pays special attention to each stain or pet odor problem and remedies all problem areas by hand. Deodorization comes at an additional cost.

Deterrent for Moths
Wool Rugs and Moth Protection

Wool rugs are particularly vulnerable to moths and carpet beetles. When the moth is in its larval stage, it causes damage. The larvae eat protein (wool, silk, animal hair) and lay eggs in the rug, continuing the cycle. Insect infestation can be avoided by cleaning the carpeting and the house on a regular basis. Moths prefer dark, undisturbed regions such under the sofa and bed, so keep that in mind.

We have a product that acts as a deterrent at Macomb Rug Cleaning Services. The flavor of the fiber is changed by the topical treatment, making it bitter and less appealing to the moth.

This procedure is also recommended before packaging and storing rugs. While there are no explicit or implied guarantees that moths will not return, cleaning and treatment is the most effective way to deal with the problem.

Fabric Shielding
Rug Fabric Protection

Our soil and stain repellants are specifically developed to provide improved protection from liquid spills while also assisting in keeping the rug cleaner for extended periods of time. Our fabric protector is both non-toxic and allergy-free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is it possible to vacuum and clean oriental rugs?
Vacuuming oriental and other carpets on a regular basis is recommended, especially in high-traffic areas. Dry particle matter accounts for 80% of soil in rugs, which acts as sandpaper and accelerates deterioration if not cleaned. Thicker rugs that aren’t vacuumed regularly might accumulate dry soil over time, making removal difficult, if not impossible.

My puppy urinated on my carpet. So, what should I do now?
It is vital to absorb as much liquid as possible as soon as possible. Then blot the area with white tissue or white cloths after using a 50-50 combination of water and vinegar. Avoid using over-the-counter spot removers if you can. Most of them are overly aggressive and contain bleach. Spotters that are applied directly to the rug can leave soap residue and cause resoiling to occur quickly.

Will regular cleaning enhance the appearance and value of my rugs?
The soil that dulls the color and decreases the shine of wool is removed by expert rug cleaning on a regular basis. In addition, frequent cleaning can help avoid thorny issues like moth infestations, which can detract from a rug’s beauty and value. To maintain their appearance, condition, and value, oriental and area rugs should be cleaned every one to five years, depending on their location and traffic.

Is it possible to get my rugs professionally cleaned at home?
Rugs should never be cleaned at home unless there are extenuating conditions, such as size or weight, that make transporting them to a cleaning facility impossible. When dealing with trained, professional rug cleaners who pick up and deliver rugs as part of their service, this is usually not an issue. In-home washing leaves soap and dirt residue in the rug, causing it to quickly resoil; the fringe cannot be cleaned in-home; and insufficient drying might lead the rug to mildew.

Is every rug cleaning company the same?
The rug cleaning industry is no different than any other. Experience, in-depth knowledge of rugs, technical competence, and customer service define the most skilled rug cleaning specialists. The top rug care specialists, for example, will be able to identify your carpets based on rug type, location and year of manufacture, and construction method. This information is required in order to find the most effective cleaning approach. Ask yourself a few questions before getting your rugs professionally cleaned. How long has the company been in operation, and how knowledgeable is its staff? Are they members of trade organizations like the Association of Rug Care Specialists? Do they have their own cleaning facility or do they hire someone to do it for them? Taking a few minutes to ask these and other questions can have a big payoff.

What are the different types of soils that can be found on my rugs and carpets?
On rugs and carpets, there are three types of soil. The first is the distinction between spots that can be erased and stains that are often permanent. The second type of surface litter is unattached surface litter, which includes gritty soil tracked in by feet, pet hair, lint, and other similar materials. Gritty soil scrapes and dulls fibers, so vacuum them at least once a week to avoid damage and extend the carpet’s life. Sticky oil and greases, which contain minute bits of soil material and bind to the fibers in rugs and carpets, are the third type of soil. This form of soil can be removed with professional cleaning, but the longer it sits on the fibers, the more difficult it is to remove.

What causes the dye to bleed?
The colors in some rugs may degrade and bleed when they are washed during the cleaning procedure. Dye bleeding in rugs can be caused by a variety of factors. Some of them, such as faulty dyes and dyeing techniques, as well as after-market “painting,” may not be visible at the time of purchase. Pet urine, sunlight, some gases, and common chemicals and over-the-counter spot removers are also causes of bleeding dyes.

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