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Shelby Rug Cleaning Services

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Shelby Rug Cleaning Services

Shelby Rug Cleaning Services

Deodorizing Master Cleaning Service
Pet urine, mold/mildew, and/or musty odors might become trapped inside the rug’s fibers and/or backing, interfering with your rug’s enjoyment. We provide two methods for reducing or eliminating scents that prevent the rug from being used as intended.

Regardless of the method chosen, our specialists will spend the time and effort necessary to ensure that we have exhausted all options for removing or minimizing scents.

Solvent of Citrus
A powerful citrus solvent solution is saturated on both sides of the area rug in our traditional deodorizing method. The rug is next scrubbed top and bottom in our automatic cleaning machine after allowing the solution to permeate completely.

Our U-Turn deodorizing technique involves saturating both sides of the area rug with a mixture that employs nanotechnology to break the carbon bonds in organic molecules, such as urine, allowing them to be removed off the rug. This technique is incredibly effective while remaining gentle on the carpeting because it only targets the odor-causing carbon based chemicals. This is a 100% hypoallergenic, ecological, bio-based method. This is the most effective approach for removing urine or other organic odors when used in conjunction with our immersion cleaning process. We are so confident in this combination that when used together, we promise total organic odor eradication.

Antimicrobial cleaners are used as a one-step disinfection cleaner that kills bacteria, viruses, molds, mildews, and insects. It complies with EPA disinfection regulations and destroys fungi, viruses, and pests like moths and lice. This solution is sprayed on the surface of the area rug after it has been completely cleaned and left flat to dry. This method is typically used to treat carpets that have been damaged by water and need to be treated for mold or mildew, as well as rugs that have had a pest problem.

Cleaning Area Rugs
Your rug might go through two different cleaning methods. Our cleaning experts can assist you in determining which cleaning method is ideal for you. Rugs go through an automatic rug duster in both stages to remove dust and loose dirt trapped in the fibers. The next stage is determined on the cleaning method employed.

Rugs are first sprayed with high-pressure detergent to loosen and remove grime and stains in our traditional technique. They’re then gently cleaned with more emulsifiers before going through a triple rinse procedure to remove any remaining soil. The carpets are then wrung out to remove any excess water. The rugs are then transported upstairs to the drying room through the conveyor. The rugs are taken down after eight hours of controlled heat. The fringes are then cleaned by hand to restore their natural color and combed to remove any tangles, if appropriate.

Rugs are immersed in the Centrum Star Rug Washing Tub, where a paddle wheel agitates the wash water, which contains a specific solution that prevents color bleeding and cross contamination.

The wash water’s turbulent action pulls mud and debris off the rug and into the water. This cleans the rug without the use of brushes or other mechanical forces, simulating the gentle motion of hand washing. Fringes, if applicable, are carefully washed after being taken from the tub.

The carpets are then placed in a centrifuge and spun at an incredibly high speed to remove any remaining water. Only a smidgeon of moisture is left on the rugs. The carpets are then placed in a drying room for a short period of time, or they might be dried with air blowers.

When browning is a worry, as it can be with many acrylic or light-colored rugs, air-blowers are generally utilized. After rugs have been properly dried in either procedure, they are vacuumed and brushed to ensure that no loose dirt or hair remains in the fibers.
Finally, they’re paper-wrapped and ready to pick up or deliver. Regardless of the method used, our experts will devote the required time and effort to guarantee that your rug looks its best.

We are proud of our systems at Shelby Rug Cleaning Services, and we are happy to be the biggest and best at what we do. We clean your rugs thoroughly, not simply topically, unlike many other cleaners. We are pleased to give customers tours of our facility to demonstrate the entire rug cleaning procedure. We have the Midwest’s largest and most advanced cleaning plant.

Cleaning Area Rugs
Rugs are thrashed to eliminate any dust and loose dirt before being sprayed with high-pressure detergent to loosen and suspend soil and spots. They’re then gently cleaned with more emulsifiers before going through a triple rinse procedure to remove any remaining soil.

The carpets are then squeezed out of the water in a large wringer.

Finally, the carpets are placed on a conveyor and transported to the dry room, where ozone is used to eliminate all odors. When the rugs are removed, they are all dry and odorless. The final step is to clean any fringe by hand to restore it to its natural color.

The carpets are ready for delivery or pick-up after being wrapped in rodent- and insect-proof paper.
Shelby Rug Cleaning Services is delighted to be the biggest and greatest in the industry.

Shelby Rug Cleaning Services has been cleaning oriental and custom carpets, and this is how we got our start in the flooring industry. To properly clean area rugs, we remove all dust and loose dirt first, then spray them with high-pressure detergent to loosen and suspend grime and spots. The rugs are then gently cleaned with more emulsifiers before being rinsed three times to remove any remaining dirt.

The following phase in our cleaning technique is to wring out all of the water and move the carpets down the conveyor to our dry room, which is located upstairs. The rugs are removed from the dry chamber after eight hours of controlled heat. The final stage in our process is to hand-clean all fringes (to bring out their natural colors), brush out any tangles, and vacuum all rugs to guarantee that no loose dirt or hair remains in the fibers. If you need plastic wrap for storage, we may provide that for an extra fee. We wrap all carpets with rat and insect-proof paper otherwise.

We are proud of our system at Shelby Rug Cleaning Services, and we are happy to be the biggest and best at what we do. We are pleased to give customers tours of our facility to demonstrate the entire rug cleaning procedure.


Fringes on Oriental rugs begin to fray and grow worn out over time. If this condition is not addressed, the edges may suffer severe damage. Replacing worn-out fringes will renew the look of your rug. To restore your rug look brand new again, our professionals cut off the original fringe, spike the ends, and then add exquisite new fringe that matches as closely as possible. Most of the time, the ends will need to be pushed before the fringe is attached so that the fringe has something to attach to other than the rug. This makes it easy to remove fringes during the rug’s lifetime, preserving the rug’s value. We have a variety of fringe styles available, all of which are cotton, but special requests can be placed.

Serging, or the thread on the edges, may become worn and/or damaged with time. The serging on the rug is what prevents it from unraveling. To achieve a very tight, clean look, we machine stitch long-lasting thread. From a wide range of in-stock colors and styles, our experts select the finest possible fit. We overcast thread on the rug’s edge with cotton thread to achieve correct edging and finishing. Existing serging will be removed if fibers are absent in order to refinish the edge and maximize results. We always recommend serging the rug all the way around so that the brightness is consistent throughout. Our professionals can evaluate if this is necessary after assessing the rug, or if only the damaged side/end needs to be repaired. Come into our showroom now and pick your own color.

The binding on a rug can become loose or ruined over time. The cloth that is fastened to the margins of a rug, mainly on domestic carpets, is known as binding. The binding procedure involves folding a single piece of fabric over the edge of a rug and stitching it together with an industrial sewing machine to create a clean completed edge around the rug’s circumference. In order to create rug symmetry, it is normal to square off a rug before attaching new binding, although we will forgo this step if our customers desire it. We machine-sew long-lasting fabric to the edge of the rug using 34-inch cotton, giving your area rug fresh vitality. Binding comes in a variety of colors, and our experts can gladly select one that complements the style of your rug. Special orders can be placed, or you can supply us with your own binding for that unique look.

Repairs made to order
We specialize in specialized repairs like mending holes, re-hooking, and re-attaching loose backings, among other things. Our professionals evaluate the area rug and provide the finest solutions for custom repairs. We will always go over your options with you and let you decide how you want your rug to look. Rips in braided rugs can also be repaired. Bring in your area rug for a free estimate today.

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