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Sterling Heights Rug Cleaning Services

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Sterling Heights Rug Cleaning Services

Why Choose Us for Rug Cleaning?

We are a “family-owned” and run company with a reputation for being one of the top carpet cleaners in Sterling Heights, MI and the surrounding Metro Detroit area. Our employees are all friendly and professional, and they show up for their appointments on time.

We understand how valuable your time is, therefore we work hard to make the carpet cleaning procedure as simple and enjoyable as possible. Our carpet cleaning equipment is state-of-the-art, ensuring that your carpet receives the most thorough cleaning possible. Our skilled carpet cleaners have all received training on how to remove the toughest stains and use the best carpet cleaning chemicals.

By eliminating pollen, bacteria, pollutants, fungi, and residue from your carpet, we will make your house cleaner and healthier.
The health benefits of carpet cleaning come first, followed by the carpet’s look, and finally, a cleaner carpet does not wear out as quickly as a dirty carpet.

We are dedicated to providing the best floor cleaning service available. Before you choose any other floor cleaner, check out Michigan Rug Cleaning.

Are your carpets in good shape?

Your carpet’s overall style and beauty may be maintained by vacuuming and cleaning it on a regular basis. The most successful approach for eliminating dirt, grime, dust mites, and other allergens from carpets is hot water extraction, sometimes known as “steam cleaning.”

Contact the specialists at Michigan Rug Cleaning for a quotation. For many years, we have been serving the Sterling Heights, MI region and expanding.

We take pride in our work and strive to go above and beyond what our competitors can do. Working on tough stains that don’t react to steam cleaning, for example.

“The satisfaction of our customers is our first focus.”

Our experts are trained to keep your carpets looking great while also keeping a healthy environment.

In Sterling Heights, MI, we will deliver high-quality service at a reasonable price. Please call us as soon as possible to schedule an appointment; we are convinced that you will be completely satisfied.
Carpet cleaning in Sterling Heights, MI is one of our core services.

Our full-service cleaning company specializes in carpet cleaning for both homes and businesses, as well as other necessary cleaning services that keep rooms free of dust, allergens, odors, dirt, mildew, and grime.

Our Mission

Our objective is to deliver quick, outstanding service with assured long-term results.

Rug cleaning is just as vital for the sanity and safety of your space as cleaning sinks and toilets, whether you have a carpet or a rug, a house or an office. You can prevent allergens, mold, dust, and pathogens from settling in for the long haul by having your carpet professionally cleaned once a year (if not more regularly).

Upholstery cleaning
– Whether you have children or dogs, upholstery cleaning is a must. Every type of furniture, from suede to leather to cotton-blend linens, might benefit from a thorough cleaning to get rid of embedded particles. Not only will your upholstery look new again, but it will also be a pleasure to sit on and enjoy.

Cleaning tile and grout —Bathrooms and laundry rooms, which include tile and grout, are usually exposed to a lot of moisture. As soon as the grout becomes yellow, the entire space will seem old and unclean. Tile and grout cleaning removes bacteria, mildew, and other toxic materials that may have developed in the grout and eliminates the need to scrub the floors with a toothbrush on your hands and knees.

Air duct cleaning – The quality of the air in your home, not only what’s under your feet, affects your health and that of your entire family. Air duct cleaning enhances a home’s aroma, promotes HVAC system performance, and removes harmful particles from the air, guaranteeing that your home has good air quality.

Flood clean-up services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For quick assistance Call Us Immediately!

Mildew, water stains, mildew, and other damage caused by a burst pipe, floods, or other water intake to your house can be devastating. It’s vital to decontaminate your home with proper water cleanup, drying, deodorization, sanitation, and disinfection.

Janitorial Services – Because janitorial services are available 24 hours a day, you may have your office cleaned overnight so that it is always spotless when you arrive. A clean working environment is conducive to good health and productivity. Invest in a cleaning solution that ensures garbage cans are always empty, floors are gleaming, carpets are spotless, and surfaces are free of dust and grime.

Services Offered:
-Carpet Cleaning
-Rug Cleaning
-Upholstery Cleaning
-Stain Removal
-Tile and Grout Cleaning
-And MANY More!

WINTERS COMING: Are you Ready?

What to Look for to Avoid Water Damage in Michigan During the Winter

A homeowner clears ice and snow from the edge of their roof to avoid water damage.
The beauty of a newly dusted city is enhanced by the arrival of winter. It can be a gloomy, quiet time of year. The winter chill and harsh snowstorms, on the other hand, might introduce a new hazard to your home: invasive water damage. Snowstorms may be delightful when you are safely tucked up in your home, but they can cause roof difficulties, allowing water to seep into your home. At this time of year, no one wants to deal with water damage.

You must be aware of the warning signs in order to assist safeguard your house from water damage. Continue reading to learn how to recognize issue locations before they turn into a winter water damage concern.

The Snow’s Moisture The effects of melting snow on your property are terrible enough, but the temperature swings are the worst. Your home is in grave danger when the temperature rises from below freezing to above freezing and then drops again. When the melts arrive, proper drainage is essential to ensure that the water does not enter your home and cause structural damage. Water can sneak into cracks and exacerbate them by freezing, thawing, and refreezing. This condition wreaks havoc on your foundation.

Watch out for the Freezing Pipes
The bane of a homeowner’s winter worries is frozen pipes. The water in your pipes or plumbing freezes, and this is what happens. When water freezes, it expands, causing pipes to burst. When your pipes can no longer expand, they burst, splashing water everywhere and causing damage. Have a working sump pump in your basement as a precautionary step. To keep things safe, be sure to maintain your foundation, pipe insulation, and general insulation.

Keep an eye out for ice dams
Another important winter concern is ice dams. Once the snow on your roof has melted, it must find a way to drain. If there’s a path off your roof, that’s fantastic. When the water on your roof’s edge freezes and forms an ice dam. When this happens, the melted water has nowhere else to go but inside your house. Make sure your gutters are clear before the first snowfall and that the region is free of obstructions to avoid damage to your roof, attic, and upper areas of your home.

When you can, avoid water damage; when you can’t, get a professional cleaner.
Your home will be protected from water damage if you follow the procedures above. However, horrible things happen even when you do everything you can. If this happens, make sure you have a professional cleaning staff on hand, such as Sterling Heights Rug Cleaning Services . We’re here to help our Plymouth, Ann Arbor, Novi, Canton, Farmington Hills, and Livonia neighbors have a pleasant, clean house for the holidays and beyond. Give us a call right now.

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