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Troy Rug Cleaning Services

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Troy Rug Cleaning Services

Troy Rug Cleaning Services

Troy Rug Cleaning Services is a rug cleaning company based in the United States.
We have happily serviced consumers in the Greater Metro Detroit Area. We are located in Troy and have been providing the best cleaners in the area to consumers in Wayne and Oakland County. We’ve been offering the best rug cleaning and other cleaning and repair services to customers in Troy, Canton, Detroit, Livonia, Macomb and other areas in our service region for as long as we can remember.

For customers in our service area, we are the top provider of Oriental rug and area rug cleaning and repair services. That’s because we understand the art and construction of each type of area rug, and part of our process includes inspecting each one to make sure we’re using the right cleaning approach for the fiber content and dye structure.

Professional Processes & Skilled Technicians
Our firm has been recognized, which means you’re committing your rugs to skilled craftsmen who will examine, safeguard, and clean your priceless Oriental rugs and other fine textiles using the most advanced technology available.

Our Providers
To maintain their value and beauty, fine area rugs should be professionally cleaned every two to four years. Please call us for a quote if your rugs require expert cleaning or repair. In the Troy area, we offer the best exquisite rug cleaning and restoration services.

Troy and Michigan Rug Fringe Repair Services
Area rugs, while a pleasant addition to any home or office, can lose their quaint charm when they become worn. Stains and spills, as well as years of foot activity, can lead them to appear worn before their time. If necessary, timely fringe repair services are one of the most popular strategies to prevent fringe degradation or undesired wear patterns.

Repairing the fringe on a rug
Is it necessary to repair rug fringe?
The fringe on the carpets, contrary to popular belief, is not for adornment. The weft or warp ends that make up the rug’s structure are called the edges. If the knots in the tassels become loose or damaged as the fringes run from one end to the other, the entire carpet can tear away. This will significantly reduce the value and appearance of your lovely area rug. When this happens, expert fringe repair services are the only option to rescue a rug with a damaged fringe.

Troy Rug Cleaning Services Rug Reweaving Process
Determine the extent of the rug’s deterioration. If there are moths or carpet bugs present, the infestation will be handled before repairs are made.
To duplicate the rug’s original look, choose the right yarn, color, and texture. Wool is commonly used in Oriental rugs.
Rebuild the structural part, possibly by adding new warp and weft threads to the old ones.
Make duplicate knots to match the original knots’ pile height. As a result, it’s impossible to tell the restored section from from the original rug.

The Importance of Rug Repair on One Side
In your home, your rug is a prized decorative item. However, with ownership comes a tremendous deal of responsibility. Because of their placement in the space, area rugs can get soiled rapidly. It can take a long time and effort to clean up if there is a lot of foot traffic and multiple spills or pet-related incidents. Another problem is that if your rug’s fabric, stitching, or edges are torn or have holes in them, they will only become worse with time. That is why, in order to keep your beautiful textiles looking their best for the long term, you must have rug-side repair services performed on a regular basis.

Troy Pet Odor Removal
On all sorts of area rugs, pet urine is a regular problem. Understanding the molecular structure of pet urine is necessary for successfully removing the stain and odor. A sanitation bath is a regular treatment in all of Troy Rug Cleaning Service’s pet odor removal and cleaning procedures.

While it is feasible to remove pet odors, most pet urine stains result in lasting color damage. Dye migration can occur when pet urine breaks down the dye in wool, silk, and cotton rugs. After ensuring the pet odor removal process, Great American’s experienced specialists apply a protective coating to help prevent future dry, water-based, and oil-based stains. Our usual cost does not include the protective coating. Give us a call to learn more about our products and services for residential and commercial customers in Troy, Livonia, Macomb, Detroit, and other areas in our service region!

Protective Rug Coatings
We apply a professional-strength protective coating that repels liquids to keep your Oriental rugs and other fine textiles safe from stains, spills, and other risks at Great American Rug Cleaning Company. This solution, known as our Ultra-Seal Protective Coating, prevents spills, spots, and stains from entering the fabric of your precious Oriental or exquisite area rugs.

Dirt, spills, and debris from foot traffic are all protected by our protective coating, which is designed to protect against dry, water-based, and oil-based soils. It is neither visible or tactile, but it prevents soil and stains from adhering to and ruining your rug in Troy. Your rug will be easier to clean in the future, and it will stay cleaner for longer between professional treatments. Sharp material, such as sand, can cause lasting harm to your rug’s delicate fibers, which our protective coating can help to prevent. We also offer moth guard treatments upon request.

Coating for Protection
Troy, MI Moth Guard Treatments and Other Protective Coatings
Don’t let moths and carpet beetles ruin your pricey area rug. To prevent pest infestation, apply our topical Moth Guard solution to Oriental rugs and other fine wool carpets. It provides economical protection for your valuable rug without the use of chemicals or the stench of mothballs.

Installation of Rug Pads in Troy, MI
Investing in a rug pad is the greatest method to ensure that all of your area rugs last a long time. Rug pads not only prevent potential slippage and offer a more luxurious feel, but they also slow the wear-and-tear damages produced by foot traffic. That is why Troy Rug Cleaning Services provides the best bespoke rug pad installation services in our service area.

We’ve been the top source of Oriental rug and area rug cleaning and restoration services in the Detroit Metro Area for the past three decades. To lengthen the life of your fine textile and reduce the risk of slipping, custom-fit a rug pad to the size of your fine textile. Our cushioning is hypoallergenic and constructed of synthetic materials that will last a long time and will not aggravate allergies.

Assist Us in Reducing the Number of Rug Pads in Landfills in the Detroit Metro Area
Wizard of Rugpads
Our objective at Troy Rug Cleaning Services is to minimize the number of rug pads in landfills by 10% across our Greater Detroit service region! Install a high-quality, economical, and eco-friendly rug pad today to help us! To safeguard your family, your house, and the environment, we offer the best rug pad materials available. The following are some of the advantages of using a rug pad from Troy Rug Cleaning Services:

Pads ranging from super-thin to ultra-plush are available to fit all sizes and styles of carpets.
There are no odors or off-gassing.
Flooring will not be stained, discolored, or marred by the backing.
The CRI Institute has given it a Green Label Plus certification.
Our eco-friendly pads are made from recycled and recyclable materials.
A Pet Urine Barrier is included in the Eco-Premium and Eco-Supreme pads.
Your rug pad is covered by a lifetime warranty.


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