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West Bloomfield Rug Cleaning Services

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West Bloomfield Rug Cleaning Services

West Bloomfield Rug Cleaning

West Bloomfield Rug Cleaning Services – We’ll Restore Your Carpet to Its Former Glory 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE

Residential and commercial carpet cleaning services are available all over Michigan.

We provide emergency repair and West Bloomfield Rug Cleaning Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; call us now! If you’ve ever had fire, smoke, wind, water, or mold damage to your home or company, you know how difficult the clean-up procedure can be. We have a lot of experience cleaning up after disasters like broken pipes, overflowing toilets, and a variety of other unplanned events. Our experience working with insurance companies will assist you with the claims procedure, while our skilled experts and craftspeople will treat your carpets with the utmost care during the cleaning and restoration process.

As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, West Bloomfield Rug Cleaning Services is providing emergency Disinfection Services to both business and residential customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We use cutting-edge Electrostatic Sprayer technology and disinfectant cleaners that are efficient against Coronavirus and the majority of other viruses and germs.

West Bloomfield Rug Cleaning Services was founded with one objective in mind: to provide the Tri-State Area with high-quality professional carpet cleaning services. Steaming, upholstered furniture cleaning, carpet and rug cleaning, wood floor furnishing, and water damage repair are just a few of the carpet cleaning services that our team can do for both homes and businesses. If you are dissatisfied with our service, we will return at no expense and no obligation to take care of any areas that you believe require more attention.


Cleaning Technologies of the Future
West Bloomfield Rug Cleaning Services provides cutting-edge carpet cleaning services for both business and residential clients. Our West Bloomfield Rug Cleaning Services are environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, and cost-effective. Our services have been approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control)!

Professional Carpet Cleaners Clean Carpets in an Environmentally Friendly Way
Traditional cleaning services utilize harsh chemicals that can harm the environment as well as individuals if exposed for an extended period of time. We only use eco-friendly organic cleaners at West Bloomfield Rug Cleaning Services . Our cleaning solutions do not emit poisonous fumes that are harmful to your home or office as well as your health. When you engage with us, you can rest assured that you will receive environmentally friendly services.

Allergy and Asthma Friendly
The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has verified our cleaning products as safe. Our services will not aggravate the allergies of your allergy-prone employees or family members.

Cleaning Services for Commercial and Residential Carpets
We understand that you require more than just carpet cleaning at West Bloomfield Rug Cleaning Services. You should also extend the life of your carpet and upholstery to protect your investment. Our long-term carpet protection approach can help, and it includes the following solutions tailored to your company’s needs. We also offer Oriental, Persian, Kilim, Karstan, and other types of rugs professional rug cleaning services.

Carpet cleaning on a temporary basis
There are high-traffic places in every workplace that absorb the brunt of the dirt. That is why we provide a carpet cleaning service in the meantime. We can give superior carpet protection, increase the life of your carpet, and make routine cleaning faster and easier by addressing these areas. Another wonderful reason to choose our MI business carpet cleaning service is that it is less effort than a complete cleaning.

Deodorizer for Carpets
You’ve come to the perfect site if you’re seeking for a highly expert commercial carpet cleaning in MI. Deodorizers for professional carpet cleaning neutralize odors by removing them at the source. Encapsulating agents work hard to provide odor alleviation right away. You get a refreshing, clean aroma that you can rely on.

Protection for your carpet
We may apply a professional-strength carpet protector after the carpet cleaning to help your carpet, furniture, and partitions resist dirt, spills, and daily wear and tear. Our carpet protection functions as a shield around the carpet fibers, making it harder for filth to penetrate. It is safe for people, pets, and the environment. The protector prolongs the life of your carpet, eliminates odors, and keeps your carpet cleaner for longer. Best of all, the additional carpet protection gives you more time to mop up any spills. It also eliminates static build-up.

Carpet Cleaning on the Spot Cleaning using Steam
When unsightly spots form, they necessitate a little extra care. Our gentle yet effective spot carpet cleaning is safe for most carpets and upholstery, and it won’t harm the carpet protection. The solution contains no optical brighteners and is pet-safe, but it successfully prevents any spots from becoming full-fledged stains. You can rely on the industry’s indisputable leader in commercial carpet cleaning services. Make a call to MI Steam Cleaning right now!


Is there anything I need to do before the crew arrives?
Vacuuming lightly in high-traffic areas is suggested but not needed. The personnel can vacuum the cleaning area ahead of time if necessary. Additionally, the vacuuming equipment is running the entire time we are cleaning.

What do you think of when you hear the term “area”?
An area is often a room of up to 300 square feet (that is 15 x 20 or approximately the size of a two-car garage). Combinations of a living room and a dining room are regarded two separate spaces. Any area larger than 300 square feet but smaller than 600 square feet is divided into two halves. Non-standard areas (bathrooms, halls, landings, walk-in closets, and so on) are frequently priced lower than standard areas. Please keep in mind that room sizes may vary depending on the location.

How long would it take for my carpets to be cleaned?
It will take around 20 minutes each room on average. This time might vary significantly depending on the amount of furniture to be moved, the condition of the carpet, and any spot removal treatments that may be required.

Do you have any experience with moving furniture?
Moving furniture is free of charge. Our cleaning crews are fully trained to relocate your furniture and return it to its proper location once the job is done. Pianos, electronics, china cabinets, waterbeds, some large beds, dressers with mirrors, and other objects are among the goods we do not advocate moving. Plants, lamps, and other knickknacks should all be removed from your furniture. Any technical questions you may have will be answered by the customer service representative, who will also provide a pricing estimate.

“I’m not sure how long it’ll take for my carpet to dry.”
We hear this all the time. The truth is humidity, temperature, and air movement to the location all influence dry time. Depending on the aforementioned circumstances, the carpet can take anywhere from 8 to 24 hours to thoroughly dry. Using fans in any rooms that have been cleaned, as well as turning on your air conditioning or heating system, depending on the season, will assist speed up the drying process. To avoid color transfer, keep the protection blocks beneath furniture legs and any upholstered item paper in place until the carpet and/or furniture are totally dry. You can walk on your carpet right after it’s been cleaned, but don’t wear street shoes because they’ll re-soil it. We recommend that you wear clean rubber-soled shoes. To avoid slipping, take extra caution when stepping from damp, carpeted areas to non-carpeted areas.

I’ve heard that washing my carpet causes it to dirty more quickly. Is this correct?
The issue arises as a result of residues remaining in the carpet, which attract dirt. This is usually caused by the use of soap in the cleaning process that hasn’t been thoroughly rinsed away. Our specifically developed cleaning solution and hot water extraction cleaning method leave very little behind to attract grime.

Is it possible to get rid of fleas in my carpet with carpet cleaning?
We cannot promise that the fleas will be completely removed throughout the cleaning. We normally advise customers to kill the adult fleas first, using whatever method they like; a professional exterminator may be able to assist with this. Keep in mind that fleas do not only lay eggs in carpets; you should also get your furniture treated and cleaned, as well as any area rugs or pet beds.

Cleaning Services for Area Rugs
Cleaning Services – Area Rug Cleaning Services – Cleaning Services – Cleaning Services – Cleaning Services – Cleaning Services – Cleaning Services

Certified Technicians – Residential & Commercial
Do you have dirt, ugly pet stains, marks, and spills on your area rugs? Has the luster and brilliance of the colors and patterns faded? Do you require the services of Oriental rug cleaners in MI to deep clean your rugs? We’re here to help you!

Spots, spills, and ground-in dirt in your rugs are no longer an issue.
The rug cleaning services provided by West Bloomfield Rug Cleaning Services are state-of-the-art. Our Michigan oriental rug cleaning services are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and cost-effective. Our services have been approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control)!

The West Bloomfield Rug Cleaning Services crew offers a full range of oriental rug steam cleaning and pet stain removal services at competitive costs. Area rugs should be cleaned more than just when they appear unclean or emit a distinct odor. Bacteria, dust mites, mold, allergies, and other microbes can become deeply lodged in the threads of a rug, even if it appears clean on the surface.

Stepping on such a carpet multiple times a day releases all of these germs into the atmosphere, which then enters your lungs and skin, causing asthma attacks, coughing, sneezing, skin rashes, and other health issues.

Regular vacuuming and over-the-counter carpet cleaners will only get rid of a limited quantity of bacteria and filth on a temporary basis while causing you to inhale the cleaners’ toxins. In addition, poor area rug care can lead your carpets to become dull, discolored, and finally lose their charm.

We have the necessary experience to handle all types of dry and wet spills, as well as unattractive patches, dirt generated by heavy foot traffic, and more. Contact us right away to set up an appointment at a time that is convenient for you, and leave your valuable Oriental area rugs in the hands of the experts.

We Can Restore Your Oriental Rug To Its Former Glory
We clean a wide variety of Oriental area rugs, including silk rugs, Karastan, needlepoint, wool, kilim, Chinese Art Deco, Persian, Flokati, and many others. Many of us know people who own priceless rugs that are part of a century-old family treasure, making replacement difficult. Furthermore, because most of these carpets are expensive, adequate upkeep, cleaning, and occasional repairs are required to extend their life.

Our Oriental rug cleaning services cater to both residential and commercial clients that require prompt, dependable, and cost-effective rug cleaning. The following are some of the services we offer:
Area rug steam cleaning services that are environmentally friendly
Procedures for gentle hand-washing and deep shampooing
Pet stain removal services huge industrial area rug machine
Removing stains and spills
Cleaning supplies and processes that are non-toxic

We can help you remove any dirt stains and spots, dust mites, and other bacteria from a colorful area rug with a complex pattern made of a mix of sensitive fabrics in the safest way possible, using advanced hot water extraction techniques that will cause no harm to you, your pets, plants, or the environment.

If you can’t find what you’re searching for in the list above, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. Our customer service representatives are kind, well-trained, and ready to address any questions or problems you may have.
We understand how essential Oriental area rugs are in your home, and we guarantee that you will be completely delighted with our work. If you are not completely satisfied with our services for any reason, we will return to make things right.

We Clean a Variety Of Rugs
For all types of rugs, we offer experienced cleaning and restoration services:
Oriental carpets are rugs from the Middle East.
Rug made of viscose
Silk rugs with needlepoint designs
Rugs Made of Wool
Rugs from Karastan
Kilim rugs are a type of rug that is made
Rug from Niue
Rug Flokati
Rugs from Persia
Art Deco Rug from China
And there’s more!

Eco-Friendly Rug Services for Steam Cleaning
The harmful chemicals present in the vast majority of carpet cleaners currently available on the market are likely to harm the fibers, color dyes, texture, and smell of your carpets, as well as your personal health.

Our professional carpet cleaners use only the safest, most environmentally friendly cleaning products and steam processes that pose no damage to humans or the environment. The West Bloomfield Rug Cleaning Services crew is your go-to expert in town for hot water extraction, which is one of the least risky cleaning options available right now.

Hot and soft water extraction processes will be gently injected into the fibers of your area rugs by our IICRC-certified professionals. They will then proceed to remove the entrenched dust mites, dirt, and bacteria, as well as up to 95 percent of all the damp and any cleaning compounds they may have used, using commercial-grade suction solutions. Most cleaners in the industry consider steam cleaning to be the finest approach for cleaning area rugs, so it’s definitely a service we recommend you try for your prized carpeting.

Pet Stain Removal on Oriental Rugs
Because of the acid in pet stains and the destruction it can cause, they are among the most hardest to remove. Our experts can examine the situation and suggest the finest stain-removal options for your specific Oriental rug. Once your rugs are clean, glossy, and smelling fantastic again, we’ll make sure to use only non-toxic, eco-friendly materials to keep your animal friends safe. We will not only remove the pet stains, but we will also eliminate the stench and leave your carpets feeling fresh.

Cleaning Oriental Rugs at a Low Cost
We wish to make our Oriental rug cleaning MI services as reasonable and convenient as possible for Michigan residents. This is why we provide some of the most affordable rates and lowest fees in the city. We provide our clients with free price quotations over the phone or online, as well as on-site evaluations with no obligations.

You’ve arrived to the proper location if you believe it’s time to have your area rugs professionally cleaned. First and foremost, we want to emphasize that area rug cleaning is not a technique that is exclusively required for aesthetic reasons. Your health, as well as the health and well-being of your family, pets, and other household members, should be your main priority when it comes to keeping your area rugs clean. The fact that a rug does not appear to be unclean to you does not mean that it requires no cleaning. Furthermore, the fact that you lack the time or energy to clean your carpets yourself should never be used as an excuse to leave them neglected for weeks at a time. Furthermore, if an area rug begins to appear filthy, it is most certainly due for professional cleaning.

Improper area rug cleaning and upkeep might result in physical damage that necessitates the usage of specialized repair services. Continue reading if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of time and effort required to have your area rugs cleaned and mended.

What Can Professional Rug Cleaners Do To Assist You?
For starters, you must contact a 100 percent dependable organization that delivers on its promises quickly, without fuss, with no unintentional delays, and at a reasonable price. For more than two decades, services like West Bloomfield Rug Cleaning Services have been effectively catering to the needs of the residents of Michigan. Because of their high-quality services and dependability, skilled cleaning methods, and aim to create an eco-friendly cleaning trend, they have built a strong and unassailable reputation. As a result, they rely on eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for humans, dogs, and plants while also extending the life of your carpets and floors. If you’re looking for different types of services, take a look at the extensive cleaning information on their website.

You should know that they are completely trained in IICRC-approved carpet cleaning methods if you aren’t exclusively interested in area rug cleaning and repair. This indicates that they have completed advanced technical training courses and seminars. These seminars were created to meet the ever-changing needs of carpet cleaners and restoration professionals who need to be able to complete projects faster and more efficiently.

As a result, the West Bloomfield Rug Cleaning Services specialists are up to speed on the most up-to-current area rug cleaning and restoration processes.

They use the hot water extraction method, which is also known as steam cleaning. They can effectively eliminate all traces of filth, regardless of how deeply it has penetrated the rug’s fibers. They’ll do it with hot, gentle water and specialized cleaning solutions pushed into the fibers. They will next use powerful suction techniques to remove all debris and allergens, as well as 95% of the moisture and cleaning solution, using forceful suction techniques. This cleaning approach is recommended by the vast majority of professional carpet producers as the most effective.

Cleaning and Repairing Area Rugs is an art form.
You’ll want the best results possible regardless of the type of area rug you have in your home or workplace, whether it’s oriental, silk, vintage, hand- or machine-made. It’s time to put everything into practice once the best cleaning and repair solutions for a rug’s unique weave and fibers have been determined.

If your area rug’s worm or damaged ends need re-fringing, it can be done manually or by machine. Expert carpet cleaners and repairmen can also re-serge the rug’s sides in the same way. A professional carpet cleaner can also overcast the ends of the carpet, causing more unraveling; they can also hand weave new fringes or re-wrap worn carpet edges. This will not only prevent further damage to the rugs, but will also save money on future repairs.

Expert carpet experts can take care of selvage wear, moth or pet damage, stains, mold or mildew issues, pile wear, and snags.
In the case of area rugs that have been cut or damaged by moths or other similar circumstances, padding and extra repairs might be offered.

You may also utilize a service like West Bloomfield Rug Cleaning Services to shrink your area rugs if necessary and give your old carpets a new lease on life.

Get in touch with us immediately and let us help you with any area rug repair or cleaning needs you may have at home or at the office. Our knowledgeable and pleasant customer care representatives will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

The Way We Clean Rugs
The type of rug you have and the quality of cleaning/protection you want are factors in our rug cleaning process. As a result, we provide a variety of rug cleaning services, ranging from delicate hand-washing to deep shampoo cleaning and huge industrial rug machine washing. We not only promise that our rug cleaning technique will give the most effective cleaning for your specific rug, but we can also supply you with a variety of cleaning options based on your requirements.

Cleaning Area Rugs
Rug Cleaning Suggestions
Many people choose Oriental carpets because they bring a burst of color, elegance, and unique character to a room’s decor. The style originated in Iran, India, and China, and it can now be found in tens of thousands of homes all over the world. They may satisfy the needs of even the most affluent purchasers because they come in such a diverse range of forms, sizes, colors, and textures. Wool, cotton, silk, and even synthetic materials can be used to make them. Whatever option you select, you are likely to bring vitality to your home.

Oriental rugs, like most rugs and carpets, may become dirty over time, may be damaged by pets, moths, or accidents, and will require cleaning and upkeep. However, by using the proper cleaning techniques, you can keep your beautiful rugs looking clean, fresh, and vibrant for a longer period of time. Here are a few of the most effective oriental rug cleaning methods that you may try on your own to avoid having to buy new, pricey carpets any time soon.

Follow the directions on the label.
Read the oriental rug’s label and follow the washing recommendations carefully. Lift the corners of your rug to show the label, and pay extra attention to silk, wool, and cotton rugs, as they may require special washing instructions and a certain amount of skill when cleaning. Cotton and wool Oriental carpets are typically more durable and easier to clean.
Oriental carpets made of silk, on the other hand, should be cleaned by a professional rug cleaning in MI because they are more delicate.

Do you have an Oriental rug that is colorfast?
Find out if your carpet is colorfast by doing a test. This implies it won’t bleed if you get it wet. For non-colorfast rugs, the label should specify “dry clean only.” However, just because there isn’t this information on the label doesn’t indicate your rug isn’t colorfast. By wetting a tiny corner of the carpet with room temperature water, you should be able to test it. After that, use a white towel to press on it. If you find any traces of dye on the oriental rug, it’s likely that if you try to clean it yourself, the entire carpet will “bleed.”

If this is the case, think about conducting some mild cleaning without getting your rug wet. If you use chemical cleaners, you risk damaging your carpet totally. If you have non-colorfast carpets or rugs, you should hire a professional carpet washer. All varieties of carpets, including oriental rugs, are cleaned by the West Bloomfield Rug Cleaning Services staff. We offer a comprehensive variety of carpet cleaning services, including Persian rugs, to our clients.

We use cutting-edge, all-natural, and completely safe cleaning chemicals to get rid of filth, dust, and the dreaded mites. We provide inexpensive filth and stain prevention, dry cleaning, allergy treatment, pet urine treatment, and moth and pet treatment, all tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We can assist you in giving your oriental rugs a new lease on life. Simply pick up the phone and dial us as soon as possible!

At Least Once A Week, Vacuum Your Oriental Rug
This should aid with the removal of current debris and grime while also maintaining a fresh and clean appearance and odor. Vacuuming on a regular basis might help keep the wool fibers from becoming compacted.
Avoid using the vacuum cleaner on antique or silk oriental rugs, as it may damage them.
Although the fringes should not be vacuumed, both sides of the rug should be vacuumed.

Pay Attention To Sunlight!
Keep the carpets out of direct sunlight as they are more susceptible to harm from the sun. The hues will fade more quickly. If you can’t find another place for your Persian carpets, rotate them once every few weeks to ensure that the colors fade evenly.
Spills must be attended to right away.

As soon as you see a new spill on the rig, spot clean it. It will be far more difficult to remove the stain and scent if they dry. Using a paper towel or a clean rag, absorb the liquid. After that, dampen a rag with cold water and dab the spot again. Avoid rubbing the stain into the carpeting by rubbing it back and forth. Allow some professionals to clean your oriental rug if you have ancient stains you can’t remove on your own or don’t have the time or competence to do so.

What can we help you with?
The West Bloomfield Rug Cleaning Services team can help you clean your oriental rug quickly or thoroughly. If you don’t have time to vacuum both sides of your rug, sweep it clean, or spray it with cold water from a garden hose, we can provide expert services that won’t make you lift a finger. We provide innovative steam cleaning for all sorts of carpets and can help you remove pet stains and odors, tenacious hair entrenched in the fibers, and stains as old as your children.

If your oriental rug has sentimental value, is expensive, and is made of silk, you should have it cleaned by a professional rug cleaner to minimize damage from dangerous detergents and unsuitable homemade cleansers. Contact us right away and we’ll take care of your valuable oriental rugs in no time!

Vacuuming and carpet cleaning are two very distinct tasks, as everyone knows. Expert Area Rug Cleaning is critical, even if you vacuum your rug on a regular basis (at least once every three or four months for large area rugs).

More Rug Cleaning Tips from the Experts
Why should you have your area rug cleaned by a professional? In this post, we’ll examine the necessity of professional cleaning by examining the advantages of a deep steam clean every twelve to eighteen months.

Longer Life Expectancy
Allowing specialists to keep your area rug clean and clear of microorganisms will help it last longer. Cleaning your rug properly will extend the time your family (and guests) can enjoy it by months, if not years. Elegant area rugs aren’t cheap. It takes time, effort, and excellent craftsmanship to make them. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on a new area rug, employ a team of experts to maintain the one you already have. You’ll be glad you did it.

Floors that are cleaner
Having your area rugs professionally cleaned on a regular basis is a good way to keep your flooring clean. You don’t want your visitors to squirm as they remove their shoes. You want them to be confident and at ease in their socks (or bare feet). Even if you vacuum frequently, area rugs can become gritty or uncomfortable if they aren’t thoroughly cleaned. Because your area rug will be enjoyed by your family, friends, and neighbors, maintain it soft with a deep clean.

Bacteria and germs are less prevalent.
Even with skilled cleaning, there are far too many bacteria in Manhattan residences. Allowing professionals to steam clean your rug will keep your home cleaner than most. We take great satisfaction in our abilities to make your house safer and healthier for your family and guests at West Bloomfield Rug Cleaning Services . Vacuuming can assist in the removal of dust, debris, and grime. Bacteria and germs can be removed with steam cleaning. This will save you money in the long term (not to mention sanity).

Spending Less
While we’re on the subject of saving money, getting your area rug cleaned professionally can help you save money in the long term. Steam cleaning can be expensive (depending on the service provider you choose), but it’s a bargain compared to the price of replacing area rugs and paying hospital bills for bacteria-related illnesses. Now is not the time to save money. Make a financial commitment to your home.

Interior Design of High Quality
Homes in Michigan are regarded for being sleek, stylish, and elegant. Having your area rugs steam cleaned and well kept will give your home a more sophisticated appeal, whether you hire a photographer to make a spread or simply upload some images of your own.

If you enjoy interior design, you should consider how well your furniture complements your current area rug. Imagine having to replace it with something of a different style or color. It’s possible that you’ll need new furnishings just to complete the appearance. Avoid putting yourself in this situation. Allow a professional to maintain the cleanliness of your home. Your area rugs will last longer, and your visitors will enjoy the scenery.

West Bloomfield Rug Cleaning Services specializes in hardwood floors, tile and grout, furniture, mattress, and commercial cleaning in addition to expert area rug cleaning. At a modest cost, we can keep your entire home or business clean (and bacteria-free).

Hot water extraction is our tried-and-true procedure. This procedure safely and gently eliminates the toughest, deepest dirt from your area rugs. Each rug is injected with hot, gentle water laced with a tough cleaning solution. Suction removes dirt, allergies, the cleaning solution, and the majority of the moisture from there.

This process is the most popular among carpet producers, because it extends the life of your carpet longer than any other option.

Carpet cleaning takes about twenty minutes each room, though this can vary depending on how much furniture needs to be moved. The time invested, on the other hand, is insignificant in comparison to the results obtained. A “area” is a space of up to 300 square feet in size. Living room and dining room combos, for example, are regarded two independent spaces. The size of a room might vary depending on where it is located.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should use West Bloomfield Rug Cleaning Services to clean your area rugs. Finally, we don’t charge for moving furniture, and our crews are highly qualified to do it!

Call us today for an estimate or to set up an appointment.

Is it true that sunlight fades carpet?
Keep your area rugs out of direct sunlight as much as possible, or the colors may fade more faster. Rotate the tour carpets at least once a month instead.

How do I deal with a new spill?
The sooner you respond to an accident, the better your chances of saving your area rug from a terrible stain. Wipe the liquid with a paper towel, then blot the stain again with a moist rag. If you massage the spill back and forth, the stain will become embedded in the fibers.

Is it possible to vacuum silk Oriental rugs?
If you have a silk area rug or a fringed carpet, avoid using the vacuum cleaner since you risk causing extra damage.

Is it necessary to vacuum my Oriental rug on a regular basis?
We recommend vacuuming your area rugs at least once a week to remove fresh dust, grime, and debris and to keep the carpeting looking and smelling as clean as possible. Vacuuming also prevents the natural form of wool fibers from being lost.

Is the colorfastness of my Oriental rug guaranteed?
Make a secret region on your carpeting moist by soaking it in water. Check to see if the colors begin to bleed. Your rug is not colorfast if this is the case. Examine the label to see if it says “dry clean only.” Another sign that your carpet isn’t colorfast is this. If you can’t discover any information on this characteristic, don’t assume your rug won’t bleed when washed. Instead, do the test described above, but this time use a white cloth to press on the wet carpet surface. It is not safe to machine or handwash your rug if any color dye has been transferred to the white material.

Is it possible to steam clean an oriental rug?
Yes, most Oriental area rugs may be cleaned successfully using steam or hot water extraction cleaning methods. Our technicians will always conduct a test on an inconspicuous area of the rug and ensure that the cleaning and maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacturer are followed.

Questions? CALL TODAY!

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