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Westland Rug Cleaning Services

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Westland Rug Cleaning Services

Westland Rug Cleaning Services

The value of your favorite rugs is immeasurable. To assure the greatest results every time, we use custom-designed cleaning equipment, a climate-controlled dry room, and computerized rug tracking. Residents of Westland and Detroit trust us to clean their rugs professionally.

The process begins with a comprehensive inspection. We evaluate each item by hand for tears, holes, dye fading, abrasions, pet stains, and other issues that require particular attention. Color fastness is checked on all rugs to ensure that the dyes do not bleed.

This is the most crucial stage. The rug duster eliminates loose soil, allergies, dust mites, and grit in a gentle manner. This dramatically improves your home’s indoor air quality as well as your family’s health. Having all of the grit, soil, and dirt removed also prevents your rug fibers from wearing out prematurely.

To maximize stain removal capabilities, all spots are pre-treated. Fringes are pre-treated to provide maximum cleaning efficiency.

The rug is cleaned gently with a rotary brush and a ph-balanced shampoo to maintain natural fibers while significantly enhancing cleaning efficacy.

Cleaning of Bedding and Pillows
Did you know that your pillows should be cleaned every six months? Did you know that your pillows should be cleaned every six months? They can collect a lot of skin, dust mites, and other things over time.

That takes a lot of the fun out of utilizing a pillow. Westland Rug Cleaning Services cleans all types of pillows, including bed pillows, couch pillows, and even outdoor pillows. Each type of pillow, whether feather, synthetic, or cotton, requires a different cleaning method. Ensure a healthy living environment for you and your family by extending the life of your pillows. The ticking (cover) on the bed pillows is even fresh, so the body oils are definitely gone!

Your bedding can be soft and pleasant while also lasting a long time if properly cared for. Colored, white, thread count, and fabric content are all factors to consider when selecting a cleaning method for your bedding. Westland Rug Cleaning Services offers the knowledge and experience to select the best process for your most cherished and “lived in” goods. Furthermore, our professional machines are capable of accommodating even the largest comforters and sheets. Also, check out our one-of-a-kind sleeping bag washing method!

Our Mor Roll-A-Jet flatbed area rug washer is used to carefully wash your rug. The mechanism goes through four crucial steps:
Under pressure, a specially prepared detergent solution is applied.
The substance is gradually agitated out of the rug by soft rubber rollers.
After that, a cold water rinse is performed.
As a final process, excess water is removed. After then, the rug is rolled through two big rollers.

Our state-of-the-art heat and humidity controlled drying tower dries your rug quickly and efficiently, preserving its strength and longevity.

Our fully qualified inspector ensures that the highest cleanliness requirements are met. If any problems are detected, the rug is returned to be cleaned again using the same procedure.

We’re a skilled, local company that knows how to clean your rugs properly. If you give us a chance, you’ll see that the outcomes speak for themselves.

We have enough work to classify the garments and allow staff members to focus on individual garments, textiles, and even shades and colors because we have one central plant supplied by five stores and over 2,500 home delivery clients. We have a trousers finisher, for example, that only works with dark colors of trousers. Only blouses and suit jackets are handled by two specialists.
We believe you’ve come to us because you want to invest in your image. You are reflected in our image. Before the big meeting or the first date, put your trust in us with your nice apparel. Our professionals will ensure that you look your best!

Commonly Asked Questions

What causes rug fringes to fade and darken so quickly?
Rug fringes are the Achilles’ heel because they disintegrate with time due to foot traffic, vacuuming, cleaning, and other factors. Fringes must be updated on a regular basis due to their frail nature.

Why do color changes in oriental rugs appear as horizontal bands?
Because Oriental rugs are handcrafted, they contain color differences. Hand-knotted rugs are more intriguing and spontaneous than machine-made rugs because of variations in surface color, knot density, pile height, shape, and end finishes. The color fluctuation known as abrash is one of the most common features of oriental rugs. These changes can take the form of bands or horizontal bars and range from modest shade differences to prominent or even strong variations in the rug’s hues. The many factors and dye lot changes that went into knotting the rug resulted in these different color variations, which are not flaws.

Is padding for oriental and area rugs required?
A rug pad is required for all rugs, from family heirlooms to estate sale finds to new purchases. Rug pads reduce slipping, extend the life of the rug, give it a thicker, more sumptuous feel, and absorb noise.

Is it possible to identify oriental rugs solely by their design?
One of the many characteristics used to distinguish oriental rugs is its design. We identify carpets using a technical examination that encompasses the materials used, construction method, dyes, and pattern.

Is it true that all oriental rugs increase in value?
The value of most oriental rugs created after WWII, including those made now, will not increase. In fact, buyers in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s probably paid more for some rugs than they are worth today.

Is it true that all antique rugs are valuable?
The type of rug, how and when it was manufactured, its aesthetic merit, and its condition all contribute to the value of a rug. An old rug in bad shape is simply that: an old rug; yet, some ancient rugs are worth restoring in order to restore their beauty and utility.

Is it true that Persian (Iranian) rugs are superior to rugs from other countries?
Ferahan Sarouk, Motashem Kashan, Tabriz, Bijar, and Heriz pieces, as well as other older, classic pre-World War II Persian rugs, will always have a market. However, since the 1960s, the quality of Persian rugs has progressively declined. Other countries have improved the quality of their rugs and expanded their output since the fall of the Shah of Iran in 1979 and the lifting of the embargo on Persian goods in 1987. We believe that the quality of Persian rugs will gradually improve.

Is knot count the most accurate indicator of a rug’s worth?
Only a few Persian rugs, such as those from Nain and Isfahan, and silk rugs, have a knot count that determines their value. The quality and style of new, mass-produced rugs from China, India, and Pakistan varies. When these carpets are brand new, they typically have more knots per square inch and a greater price per square foot. Knot count has no bearing on their worth once they’ve been sold on the secondary market.

Is it typical for latex on a rug’s back to deteriorate?
Latex is a dimensionally stable glue that ties tufts to the primary backing and secures a secondary backing to the rug. Gases in the air, floor waxes, traffic, and sunlight are all known to cause latex to break down. Bubbles, powdery residue, or backing separation are all signs of degradation.

Why do small white knots form on a rug’s surface after it has been cleaned?
Breaks in the foundation of a rug while it is still on the loom generate white knots. By tying two knots at each end of the break, the breaks are spliced together. The full length of the pile on a fresh rug can hide these white knots. These knots will eventually be revealed by foot movement and a thorough cleaning. They should never be cut because this would weaken the rug’s basis.

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