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Wyoming Rug Cleaning Services

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Wyoming Rug Cleaning Services

Wyoming Rug Cleaning Experts

We are Wyoming’s area rug cleaning experts! Has your rug become faded due to the accumulation of dust and dander? Do you have a habit of concealing difficult-to-remove stains? All of your costly hand-made or machine-made area rugs can be cleaned thoroughly by us. We offer pick-up and delivery services so you don’t have to carry your valuable, hand-made Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, and all exotic animal rugs to our shop. Older rugs, as well as those made of fragile or uncommon materials, will be handled with great care by our knowledgeable personnel. We’ll keep an eye out for any damage and alert you so that the best course of action for repairing and conserving the carpet may be adopted.

Cleaning Services for Rugs
Rug rinsing and wringing equipment created specifically for expensive, hand-made area rugs is used in rug cleaning. Our staff will treat your hand-made or machine-made nylon, polyester, olefin, wool, acrylic, silk, and synthetic blended rugs like the family heirlooms they are.

Pre-cleaning inspections are performed on all area rugs, and the results are conveyed to the customer. The following are some of the services we provide for area rugs:
Cleaning a Rug
Cleaning on the Spot
Getting Rid of Stains
Stain Removal from Pets

Process of Using a Rug Dusting Machine in Wyoming
Wyoming, Michigan rug cleaning
Cleaning Methods
We can offer you with an explanation of our basic washing method utilized in area rug cleaning without boring you with our chemical formulae (non-toxic and bio-degradable) or our specialized washing techniques that have been taught and passed down through generations. Read on for additional information, and feel free to contact our staff if you have any questions.
Rugs are pre-inspected for any issues that may develop during the cleaning process, such as dye runs, insect infestations, urine, and so forth.

To eliminate dry particle soil, rugs are extensively ‘dusted.’
The dyes have been stabilized so that they can be washed.
To release stains and oils, the rug is cleaned with a moderate detergent.
Spots are dealt with.
Fringes are treated and properly rinsed.
For a complete, deep clean, the rug is placed in our state-of-the-art Moore rug dusting machine.
Through 16′ rollers, the water is squeezed away.
After that, the rug is brushed to direct the pile in the proper direction.
After that, the rug is dried in a temperature-controlled environment.
The rugs are next inspected when they have dried completely. They are washed again at no additional cost if they do not pass inspection.

Information on Rug Cleaning
Our typical ‘turn-around’ time for area rug cleaning is three to seven business days. The amount of soil, the fiber type, and the sort of cleaning technique all influence this. If you need your rug(s) back sooner, please let us know and we’ll try our best to accommodate your needs by adding a rush order tag on the rug for an extra fee.

Pick-up and delivery services are available.
Persian and Oriental rugs, especially those produced by hand, are delicate goods, especially as they age. With that in mind, extreme caution should be exercised when transporting it for cleaning. That is why we provide pick-up and delivery services to ensure that your rug is not damaged during transportation.

Cleaning on the Spot
Wine stains and other accidents may wreak havoc on your rug’s appearance. Don’t waste time trying to hide the stain when you may have it removed by calling us. We offer full-service spot cleaning for red wine and other sorts of stains.

Removing Food Stains
When food spills on the floor, it’s difficult to schedule a quick cleaning to remove the stain right away — you might not even notice the stain for a long time. For both new and old stains, we provide food stain removal services. Our cleaning procedure can permeate the fibers of your rug, bringing the stains to life and resulting in a rug that is considerably more vibrant.

Stain Removal from Pets
It takes a lot of effort to train a pet. Accidents happen all the time. Bring that rug to us for pet stain removal instead of throwing it out because of a few stains. All forms of pets’ pee and feces stains are completely removed by us.

Rug Add-ons
There are four different types of area rug pads.

A rug pad can help extend the life of your area rug as well as preserve the floor beneath it. Padding allows your rug to “breathe” by increasing air flow to the bottom of it. Vacuuming gets easier as well, because the rug will stay put on the floor rather than sliding about when vacuuming. Some rugs have a rough or abrasive texture that can scratch or scratch fragile floors. The extra cushion that padding provides beneath an area rug can provide enhanced comfort (especially in the winter), reduce damage from heavy furniture, and assist muffle the sound of footsteps, all without sacrificing your beautiful floors. To get the most out of your rug, get the right rug pad. This will prevent you from sliding, tripping, or even falling due to a shifting or bunched up area rug.

Re-bond pads are offered in either 12″ or 3/8″ inch thicknesses, with a density of 6 lb. These pads are typically used beneath wall-to-wall carpeting and can be custom ordered for a different thickness or density. This extra cushion can be utilized underneath large area rugs where the rug’s movement is minimal. Only 6′ widths are available for this style of pad.
The no-muv pad was created specifically for oriental area rugs on hardwood floors. No-muv pads are made out of a rubber bottom and a fiber top that keeps the rug from sliding around on the floor as you walk on it. This pad will be cut to suit your rug precisely because it comes on a 6′ or 12′ width roll. Area rugs on carpet look excellent with no-muv mats. When placing this pad beneath a rug on top of carpet, make sure the rubberized section is facing up and the fiber section is touching the carpet. No-muv pads can be thoroughly cleaned with our machine, extending the pad’s usable life.

Non-slip web pad: A non-slip web pad is used to prevent area rugs from bunching up or shifting over a non-carpeted floor. It will be trimmed to fit your rug exactly, much like the no-muv pad, from a 6′ or 12′ width roll. Without the extra cushion that a no-muv pad provides, this rubberized mesh underlay will still protect your rugs and floors. Our machine cannot clean web pads, and they may not last as long as a no-muv pad.

Felt pad: When movement of the rug is improbable, felt pads are frequently utilized underneath Berber carpets or huge oriental rugs. This could be due to the rug’s size or the presence of heavy furniture on the rug. Because felt pads are available in 6′ and 12′ widths, your pad will be trimmed to precisely match your rug. Felt pads are difficult to clean with our machine and may not last as long as non-muv pads.

Placement of the mat:
Exterior mats:
These are the most crucial mats to install since they are the first to collect all of the dirt, soil, or snow that accumulates in the bottoms of shoes. You may protect your interior carpet from grime by using an outdoor mat. Soil from the soles of shoes can penetrate deep into your carpet, causing a filthy traffic pattern to form. These mats will also have a thicker backing to guarantee that they stay in place in any weather condition.

Entrance mats: Entrance mats will continue to preserve your carpet while also picking up dirt and soil that the exterior mats missed. These mats are comprised of a cut pile carpet, and their role is to keep airborne contaminants from contaminating the building’s air quality.

Interior mats: Interior mats will manage internal soil and protect your carpet from spills and the normal dirt/soil that will be generated by the building’s traffic. These mats have a carpeted top and might help to promote a company’s image.
Anti-fatigue mats: These mats will boost productivity by creating a more pleasant and secure working environment for employees who must stand for long periods of time.

Specialty mats: Mats are sometimes required in certain areas, such as restrooms, locker rooms, or areas with high traffic levels. There are mats for any occasion, and we provide free quotes for even the most unusual situations. To keep the mats in place, heavy-duty backings are available.

The easiest method to figure out which mats you need in your facility is to have us come in and offer you an experienced assessment.


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